Borsch, Vodka, Tears and Graffiti

Geneviette Taking Photos in Hosier Lane Melbourne

Hello! It’s Wednesday morning AEST and we’re finally getting used to the time difference. Despite the jet lag we’ve powered through and actually done quite a few things already! I’m running a little behind so I’ll break up our experiences into blog post vignettes. July 6, 2018 – July 7, 2018 The day after we […]

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Buffalo National River Day Trip

Josie Addam Geneviette Buffalo National River

Today we visited the Buffalo National River and completed our National Parks stamp collection for Arkansas! National Park Passport Stamps When I first moved to Arkansas I was a city girl and not too impressed with local recreational activities. To help me adjust, Addam came up with the idea of exploring destinations beyond Northwest Arkansas. […]

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Day 19: Saying Goodbye To London With Henry VIII

Date: 16 June 2016. Driving through London is basically traffic hell, but we (read: Addam) managed it. The previous few days of bus, and train riding had been a nice break from the car. The convenience of parking at a camping ground outside of the city, outweighed the inconvenience of using public transport to get […]

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Day 18: The Royal London Tour

kensington palace

Date: 15 June 2016 Written: 17 September 2016 Today I was very aware of having to marry a lifetime of imagination, and television footage, with reality. The truth is it’s impossible for videos, and photos, to replace experiencing a place in person. I thought back to moments through my life where I  wished to be present in these […]

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Day 17: 25000 Steps Through Old London Town

Date: 14 June 2016. If you’ve never been to London it’s likely that your imagination ignores the advice people give you before you go there. “There’s so many people!” “The traffic is horrible!” “The tube is packed with people!” Yeah, yeah I thought, I’ve been to New York, and to many other cities, I know […]

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